Street Performers

There is so much speculation on “How much Mayawati’s  1000 rupees Garland worth.”  Some says it comes around 2-5 crores.  some says it might have crossed 22 crores.  Today morning, I read a news stating “Maya received another garland worth rupees  18+ lakh”. BSP officals also said “This is the reply for opposition party’s stand on 1000 […]

Not just for survival

 "Although the brain accounts for only 2% of our body weight, it uses over 20% of all the oxygen, 25% of all blood flow, over 30% of the water the body takes in and 40% of all the nutrients consumed. If the brain is dehydrated by just 5%, the neurotransmitter activity is reduced by 30%. […]

Dividing States. Bad Sign.

United We Stand Divided We Fall is what we have been taught from childhood. Now here peoples are trying to create a new and opposite trend. Nine new state formation requests and protests after telangana issue is really a bad sign. If DMK is not in coalition with Congress, they may have raised and started […]