Serial port and Windows standby problem

I am using a serial port in Windows XP to continuously receive data from a device.  It works fine if the system is in Normal Mode. When in Standby mode, serial port peripheral goes to sleep mode which prevents my application programmed in C# .NET from receiving the data even though the device continues to send the data. I […]

Xpress-CMS – New Beginning

This is new project assigned to me by myself. Like this name? I like it because I loved my Nokia Xpress Music Mobile. Yesterday I lost it. Now you know why I named it Xpress. I am part time website designer. Most of the website I design is normal static page sites which requires constant […]

Yet another Bug

Ha Hah. I found another bug with the Microsoft’s Product. I was creating a custom WPF User Control with VC# 2008 and Expression Blend 2 for my project. Nothing to complain about .NET Framework 3.5, one of the master pieces of Microsoft. The problem is with the tools. At Start, the user control is working […]