Serial port and Windows standby problem

I am using a serial port in Windows XP to continuously receive data from a device.  It works fine if the system is in Normal Mode. When in Standby mode, serial port peripheral goes to sleep mode which prevents my application programmed in C# .NET from receiving the data even though the device continues to send the data. I […]

Git – Source Code Management Tool

Two year back I realized this,  software, firmware or any type of codes written even by genius is crap without proper code management. Real headache starts just after the coding phase is over.  There are many, many, many problems involved in maintaining the codes. There is possibility, a bug pops up two years after the development […]

ARM – Embedded Software Development Tools (Part 2)

In the last post we’ve seen the purpose of Development Tools. Now we’ll see some of the development tools available for ARM Architecture. There are wide variety of options available. I have listed only few which I consider worthy. 1. Keil Realview Microcontroller Development Kit 2. IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM 3. GNU Tools for […]

Team Viewer

Great tool. How come I not heard of this software this long time? I have spent, actually wasted, many hours of my precious time over phone helping peoples to solve software problems. Team Viewer is remote desktop connectivity software with no hassles involved. Important advantage is you don’t have to install it in the system. We can […]

Ready to lay hands on ARM

Technically can’t do that because most of the Integrated circuits are static sensitive. Its always hard for me to choose which processor to use in next project. First choice is NXP 89V51RD2BN. It has 64kB Flash, 1kB data RAM. 64kB code memory is ok but 1kB of RAM is not enough. My project involves data […]

Personal finance management

I don’t know much about financial management and obviously its importance.  Had a subject in my college about finance management. I used to sleep in that class. But nowadays I feel it is very important to manage finance. But conventional way of book keeping is not attractive to most peoples especially peoples travelling all the […]