Life is like a Battery

Life is like a battery. It will be in good and active condition when we first buy it. Then the charge keeps drowning below the nominal value slowly, we’ll newer notice this process. Some people are conscious about this and gets to sense the end and take necessary remedy action before it gives trouble. Some just says […]

Wandering Thoughts – 2

I am reading a book now. “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living” by Dale Carnegie. So far the book was very very very good. I have no doubt the rest will also be like that. At one part, to avoid unwanted worry, he advocates to accept the inevitable before it happens. Be ready to […]

Wandering Thoughts – 1

There is some greater power which has control over all the living and non-living things in this and all other universes. Totally agreed. Denying ideologies that is far from one’s comprehension is stupid. I go to temples. I perform all rituals which I mostly don’t understand. I know some poeples who goes to every pilgrimage to search […]