It Never Ends

It all started with photo in hand First Meeting in a coffee shop. Decision to make. Made A Nod. Marriage It all started with hand in hand. Never felt a subtle chill up and down the spine A Promise to keep. Eternally Missing Heartbeats. Love It all started while in a bad mood Why shouldn’t […]


Dear faces and distant images; back and forth Nostalgia dominant, fleeing reflexes dormant Waken by Earthquake with senses hardly orient

Uncompleted Journey

Turning side by side, sweeping night time breeze with head Raging Thoughts, felt like in middle of herd Looking hastily, started to lose cool Caught glimpse of a girl nearby, complimenting her with just a word cute will reserve a place in hell Bus-stand becoming heaven, can wait more for bus to arrive Pounding heart, […]

My First Step towards Poetry

New Day Sleeping in the bed, felt knockings inside my head Angels Fading from the sight, i can see Daemons waiting to fight After wresting with my body, stopped the timepiece singing melody still lethargic, but charmness of shining sun is fantastic yet another day is seeded, god! give me energy which i needed This […]