Theodore Boone – Review

Author : John Grisham Published Year : 2010 Publisher : Hodder Genre : Law fiction ISBN : 1444714481 On reading the synopsis on the backside of this book at the bookshop, I gave up the idea of buying “Winner Stands Alone” by paulo coelho which I choose already and choose this book instead. I like […]

Albert Einstein : A Biography (Book Review)

Author : Alice Calaprice, Trevor Lipscombe Year Published : 2008 Publisher : Jaico Genre : Biography ISBN : “978-81-7992-751-9” What we know about Einstein? His hairstyle, Nobel price, E=m*c^2 (Theory of Relativity). I wanted to learn more about him. After all to follow one’s footsteps, first step is to know about them completely. We all […]

The Monk who sold his Ferrari – Book Review

Author : Robin Sharma Year : 2003 Publisher: Jaico ISBN : 81-7992-162-X This is my first experience with book of this kind. I was interested mostly in fiction novels and I hated reading this advising books. I have a kind friend with whom I share most of my happy and sad moments. At one point, […]

Bourne Identity – Book Review

Author :┬áRobert Ludlum Genre : Fiction Year : 1980 Publisher : Richard Marek ISBN : 0399900705 I liked the movie Bourne Identity and its sequels. When in Local Library I saw this book “Bourne Identity” by Robert Ludlum. Heard the movie version is slightly different from the book version. The curiosity to find the difference […]

Five Point Someone – Book Review

Author : Chetan Bhagat Genre : Fiction Year : 2004 Publisher : Rupa & Co. ISBN : 978-81-291-0459-5 The book revolves around the three guys(hari, ryan and alok) who got into IIT. This book is written in hari’s perspective. Hari is none other than author himself. But it is not an auto biography. Inspired by […]

The Hostage Bride – Book Review

Author : Janet Dailey Genre: Romance Fiction Year Released: 1981 Publisher: Silhouette Books ISBN: 0-671-73693-0 I borrowed this book from a local lending library to read while travelling from Trichy to Chennai. It was a short one day trip. I did not wanted to half read the book, as I always do, so I choose […]