Happy Tamil New Year and Pongal

“Iniya thai thiru naal mattrum Tamil Puthandu nal valthukal” This is the first new year celebrated after the Tamilnadu government changed the date from April 14th to Jan 14th. Very unique change in history. The question of  “How a government can change the historically celebrated ‘chithirai’ month, as tamil new year, to ‘thai’” still persists. […]

My New Year

Many days will born and die This day brings me special wishes and blessings Day I get only love leaving hates New apparels, new gifts, 12 o Clock phone calls, makes me feel special. Prayers by me, Prayers for me, means something. added is one year to my age, so does the responsibilities

Happy Tamil New Year

Wish you Happy Tamil New Year. I wished ‘Happy Tamil New Year’ in Tamil  to peoples I called and peoples who called me. But most of them wished back the same in English. Enna kodhuma sir idhu. Tamil Vaalga.

Unpredicted change in Number

+91 94883 27500. This is my new number. If you read my two previous posts, you will know, I lost my phone. This is just temporary one. Call me to this until I get my old number. That’s possible after May 2nd, when I reach Tamil Nadu completing this present 20 day Trip to North […]

Jeyaganesh supports Earth Hour

HBO supports Earth Hour, Discovery supports Earth Hour, Aamir supports Earth Hour, why not me. Go to “ http://www.earthhour.org/news/in:en” to know more about earth hour (if you don’t know). It’s really a good concept to conduct such awareness campaign on climate change and global warming. These two issues pose major threat for our future generations. Our […]

My First Post

Dear Friends and Visitors, Thanks for time and effort you took for coming up to this page.  This is my first blog post. I started this blog four months before. Until minutes before it was without a single post. First I thought of penning down my first blog on Diwali but I can’t because of […]